Big Salad Day 2

Day 2:


One of the habits I have gotten into in order to make my life easier and food prep fast (especially when I’m doing it at 5am before work) is to batch cook certain foods.

For example, on the weekend I roasted a butternut squash (see day 1 recipe). I prepped my kale. And I made some beet chips. I had sliced too many beets in my food processor and got tired of cooking them so I put the raw sliced and seasoned (cayenne & rosemary) beets in my fridge to use in my salads. Normally the beets chips would be a great addition to a salad..except I ate them all before I could even pack them up. Eating 5 whole beets= pink poop…TMI? nah…digestive health is very important.

Anyway…long story short, I like to take those batch cooked foods and use them in different ways so that I don’t get bored. You will see similar ingredient in this salad to yesterday’s salad but, trust me, the taste is quite different.


Boston Bibb lettuce



Goat cheese

Roasted butternut squash

Wild Salmon filet

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp ground coriander

1/4 tsp oregano

A grind or two of sea salt.

1 tsp avocado oil


Mix together all spices. Rub generously all over both sides of the salmon filet. In a frying pan, heat oil over med-high heat. Place salmon filet skin side down. Cook for 5 minutes, flip. Cook for 5-8 more minutes. I prefer my salmon to be cooked to medium or less. I will often cook salmon for less than I described here but it depends on the thickness of the filet and your preferred doneness. A good trick is to press on the filet with one finger. If it feel firm, not hard, and flakes slightly then it is most likely done.

While the salmon is cooking (or before if you’re not a good multi-tasker) assemble your salad. Lettuce, top with chopped tomato, sliced beets, butternut squash (I heated my squash because I was at home when I ate this and could quickly toss it around in the frying pan before adding my oil to cook the fish), goat cheese.

Place the hot salmon filet on top of your delicious salad. The heat from the salmon melts the goat cheese combined with the seasoning on the squash there is no need for dressing. If you want a little extra, drizzle some olive oil over your greens.

Dig in!

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